When Flink & Pulsar Come Together

03 May 2019 Sijie Guo (@sijieg)

Apache Flink and Apache Pulsar are distributed data processing systems. When combined, they offer elastic data processing at large scale. This post describes how Pulsar and Flink can work together to provide a seamless developer experience.

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Apache Flink's Application to Season of Docs

17 Apr 2019 Konstantin Knauf (@snntrable)

The Apache Flink community is happy to announce its application to the first edition of Season of Docs by Google. The program is bringing together Open Source projects and technical writers to raise awareness for and improve documentation of Open Source projects. While the community is continuously looking for new contributors to collaborate on our documentation, we would like to take this chance to work with one or two technical writers to extend and restructure parts of our documentation (details below).

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Monitoring Apache Flink Applications 101

25 Feb 2019 Konstantin Knauf (@snntrable)

The monitoring of business-critical applications is a crucial aspect of a production deployment. It ensures that any degradation or downtime is immediately identified and can be resolved as quickly as possible. In this post, we discuss the most important metrics that indicate healthy Flink applications.

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