Flink on Zeppelin Notebooks for Interactive Data Analysis - Part 1

15 Jun 2020 Jeff Zhang (@zjffdu)

The latest release of Apache Zeppelin comes with a redesigned interpreter for Apache Flink (version Flink 1.10+ is only supported moving forward) that allows developers to use Flink directly on Zeppelin notebooks for interactive data analysis. I wrote 2 posts about how to use Flink in Zeppelin. This is part-1 where I explain how the Flink interpreter in Zeppelin works, and provide a tutorial for running Streaming ETL with Flink on Zeppelin.

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Flink Community Update - June'20

11 Jun 2020 Marta Paes (@morsapaes)

And suddenly it’s June. The previous month has been calm on the surface, but quite hectic underneath — the final testing phase for Flink 1.11 is moving at full speed, Stateful Functions 2.1 is out in the wild and Flink has made it into Google Season of Docs 2020.

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Stateful Functions 2.1.0 Release Announcement

09 Jun 2020 Marta Paes (@morsapaes)

The Apache Flink community is happy to announce the release of Stateful Functions (StateFun) 2.1.0! This release introduces new features around state expiration and performance improvements for co-located deployments, as well as other important changes that improve the stability and testability of the project. As the community around StateFun grows, the release cycle will follow this pattern of smaller and more frequent releases to incorporate user feedback and allow for faster iteration.

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Flink Community Update - May'20

07 May 2020 Marta Paes (@morsapaes)

Can you smell it? It’s release month! This time around, we’re warming up for Flink 1.11 and peeping back to the past month in the Flink community — with the release of Stateful Functions 2.0, a new self-paced Flink training and some efforts to improve the Flink documentation experience.

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Applying to Google Season of Docs 2020

04 May 2020 Marta Paes (@morsapaes)

The Flink community is thrilled to share that the project is applying again to Google Season of Docs (GSoD) this year! If you’re unfamiliar with the program, GSoD is a great initiative organized by Google Open Source to pair technical writers with mentors to work on documentation for open source projects. Does working shoulder to shoulder with the Flink community on documentation sound exciting? We’d love to hear from you!

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