Stateful Functions 3.2.0 Release Announcement

31 Jan 2022 Till Rohrmann (@stsffap) & Igal Shilman (@IgalShilman)

Stateful Functions is a cross-platform stack for building Stateful Serverless applications, making it radically simpler to develop scalable, consistent, and elastic distributed applications. This new release brings various improvements to the StateFun runtime, a leaner way to specify StateFun module components, and a brand new JavaScript SDK!

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Apache Flink ML 2.0.0 Release Announcement

07 Jan 2022 Dong Lin & Yun Gao

The Apache Flink community is excited to announce the release of Flink ML 2.0.0! This release involves a major refactor of the earlier Flink ML library and introduces major features that extend the Flink ML API and the iteration runtime, such as supporting stages with multi-input multi-output, graph-based stage composition, and a new stream-batch unified iteration library.

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How We Improved Scheduler Performance for Large-scale Jobs - Part Two

04 Jan 2022 Zhilong Hong , Zhu Zhu , Daisy Tsang , & Till Rohrmann (@stsffap)

Part one of this blog post briefly introduced the optimizations we’ve made to improve the performance of the scheduler; compared to Flink 1.12, the time cost and memory usage of scheduling large-scale jobs in Flink 1.14 is significantly reduced. In part two, we will elaborate on the details of these optimizations.

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