Scaling Flink automatically with Reactive Mode

06 May 2021 Robert Metzger (@rmetzger_)

Apache Flink 1.13 introduced Reactive Mode, a big step forward in Flink's ability to dynamically adjust to changing workloads, reducing resource utilization and overall costs. This blog post showcases how to use this new feature on Kubernetes, including some lessons learned.

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Apache Flink 1.13.0 Release Announcement

03 May 2021 Stephan Ewen (@StephanEwen) & Dawid Wysakowicz (@dwysakowicz)

The Apache Flink community is excited to announce the release of Flink 1.13.0! Around 200 contributors worked on over 1,000 issues to bring significant improvements to usability and observability as well as new features that improve the elasticity of Flink's Application-style deployments.

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How to natively deploy Flink on Kubernetes with High-Availability (HA)

10 Feb 2021 Yang Wang

Kubernetes provides built-in functionalities that Flink can leverage for JobManager failover. In Flink 1.12 (FLIP-144), the community implemented a Kubernetes High Availability (HA) service as an alternative to ZooKeeper for highly available production setups. In this blogpost, we will have a close look at how to deploy Flink applications natively on Kubernetes cluster with HA.

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