Flink Forward 2016 Call for Submissions Is Now Open

14 Apr 2016 by Aljoscha Krettek (@aljoscha)

We are happy to announce that the call for submissions for Flink Forward 2016 is now open! The conference will take place September 12-14, 2016 in Berlin, Germany, bringing together the open source stream processing community. Most Apache Flink committers will attend the conference, making it the ideal venue to learn more about the project and its roadmap and connect with the community.

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Announcing Apache Flink 1.0.0

08 Mar 2016

The Apache Flink community is pleased to announce the availability of the 1.0.0 release. The community put significant effort into improving and extending Apache Flink since the last release, focusing on improving the experience of writing and executing data stream processing pipelines in production.

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Introducing Stream Windows in Apache Flink

04 Dec 2015 by Fabian Hueske (@fhueske)

The data analysis space is witnessing an evolution from batch to stream processing for many use cases. Although batch can be handled as a special case of stream processing, analyzing never-ending streaming data often requires a shift in the mindset and comes with its own terminology (for example, “windowing” and “at-least-once”/”exactly-once” processing). This shift and the new terminology can be quite confusing for people being new to the space of stream processing. Apache Flink is a production-ready stream processor with an easy-to-use yet very expressive API to define advanced stream analysis programs. Flink's API features very flexible window definitions on data streams which let it stand out among other open source stream processors.

In this blog post, we discuss the concept of windows for stream processing, present Flink's built-in windows, and explain its support for custom windowing semantics.

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