Community & Project Info

There are many ways to get help from the Apache Flink community. The mailing lists are the primary place where all Flink committers are present. For user support and questions use the user mailing list. Some committers are also monitoring Stack Overflow. Please remember to tag your questions with the apache-flink tag. Bugs and feature requests can either be discussed on the dev mailing list or on Jira. Those interested in contributing to Flink should check out the contribution guide.

If you send us an email with a code snippet, make sure that:

  1. you do not link to files in external services as such files can change, get deleted or the link might break and thus make an archived email thread useless
  2. you paste text instead of screenshots of text
  3. you keep formatting when pasting code in order to keep the code readable
  4. there are enough import statements to avoid ambiguities

Mailing Lists

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News and announcements from the Flink community
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Broader community discussions related to meetups, conferences, blog posts and job offers
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User support and questions mailing list
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Nabble Archive
Development related discussions
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Nabble Archive
Mirror of all Jira activity
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All commits to our repositories
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Please make sure you are subscribed to the mailing list you are posting to! If you are not subscribed to the mailing list, your message will either be rejected (dev@ list) or you won’t receive the response (user@ list).

Stack Overflow

Committers are watching Stack Overflow for the apache-flink tag.

Make sure to tag your questions there accordingly to get answers from the Flink community.

Issue Tracker

We use Jira to track all code related issues:

All issue activity is also mirrored to the issues mailing list.


There are plenty of meetups on featuring Flink.

Source Code

Main source repositories


dataArtisans currently maintains free Apache Flink training. Their training website has slides and exercises with solutions. The slides are also available on SlideShare.

Project Wiki

The Apache Flink project wiki contains a range of relevant resources for Flink users. However, some content on the wiki might be out-of-date. When in doubt, please refer to the Flink documentation.

Flink Forward 2015 (October 12-13, 2015) was the first conference to bring together the Apache Flink developer and user community. You can find slides and videos of all talks on the Flink Forward 2015 page.

The second edition of Flink Forward took place on September 12-14, 2016. All slides and videos are available on the Flink Forward 2016 page.

In 2017, Flink Forward came to San Francisco to welcome the Apache Flink community to one day of training and one day of conference. Find all videos on our YouTube Channel and all slides on SlideShare.


Name Role Apache ID
Márton Balassi PMC, Committer mbalassi
Paris Carbone Committer senorcarbone
Ufuk Celebi PMC, Committer uce
Shuyi Chen Committer shuyichen
Xingcan Cui Committer xccui
Stephan Ewen PMC, Committer, VP sewen
Gyula Fóra PMC, Committer gyfora
Alan Gates PMC, Committer gates
Greg Hogan PMC, Committer greg
Fabian Hueske PMC, Committer fhueske
Vasia Kalavri PMC, Committer vasia
Kostas Kloudas Committer kkloudas
Aljoscha Krettek PMC, Committer aljoscha
Nico Kruber Committer nkruber
ChengXiang Li Committer chengxiang
Andra Lungu Committer andra
Robert Metzger PMC, Committer rmetzger
Maximilian Michels PMC, Committer mxm
Chiwan Park Committer chiwanpark
Stefan Richter Committer srichter
Till Rohrmann PMC, Committer trohrmann
Henry Saputra PMC, Committer hsaputra
Matthias J. Sax Committer mjsax
Sebastian Schelter PMC, Committer ssc
Chesnay Schepler PMC, Committer chesnay
Xiaogang Shi Committer shixg
Jincheng Sun Committer jincheng
Tzu-Li (Gordon) Tai PMC, Committer tzulitai
Kostas Tzoumas PMC, Committer ktzoumas
Theodore Vasiloudis Committer tvas
Timo Walther PMC, Committer twalthr
Shaoxuan Wang Committer shaoxuan
Daniel Warneke PMC, Committer warneke
Jark Wu Committer jark
Dawid Wysakowicz Committer dwysakowicz
Gary Yao Committer gary
Kurt Young Committer kurt

You can reach committers directly at <apache-id> A list of all contributors can be found here.

Former mentors

The following people were very kind to mentor the project while in incubation.

Name Role Apache ID
Ashutosh Chauhan Former PPMC, Mentor hashutosh
Ted Dunning Former PPMC, Mentor tdunning
Alan Gates Former PPMC, Mentor gates
Owen O'Malley Former PPMC, Mentor omalley
Sean Owen Former PPMC, Mentor srowen
Henry Saputra Former PPMC, Mentor hsaputra

Materials / Apache Flink Logos

The materials page offers assets such as the Apache Flink logo in different image formats, or the Flink color scheme.