Flink 1.0.2 Released

22 Apr 2016

Today, the Flink community released Flink version 1.0.2, the second bugfix release of the 1.0 series.

We recommend all users updating to this release by bumping the version of your Flink dependencies to 1.0.2 and updating the binaries on the server. You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

Fixed Issues


  • [FLINK-3657] [dataSet] Change access of DataSetUtils.countElements() to ‘public’
  • [FLINK-3762] [core] Enable Kryo reference tracking
  • [FLINK-3732] [core] Fix potential null deference in ExecutionConfig#equals()
  • [FLINK-3760] Fix StateDescriptor.readObject
  • [FLINK-3730] Fix RocksDB Local Directory Initialization
  • [FLINK-3712] Make all dynamic properties available to the CLI frontend
  • [FLINK-3688] WindowOperator.trigger() does not emit Watermark anymore
  • [FLINK-3697] Properly access type information for nested POJO key selection


  • [FLINK-3654] Disable Write-Ahead-Log in RocksDB State


  • [FLINK-2544] [docs] Add Java 8 version for building PowerMock tests to docs
  • [FLINK-3469] [docs] Improve documentation for grouping keys
  • [FLINK-3634] [docs] Fix documentation for DataSetUtils.zipWithUniqueId()
  • [FLINK-3711][docs] Documentation of Scala fold()() uses correct syntax


  • [FLINK-3716] [kafka consumer] Decreasing socket timeout so testFailOnNoBroker() will pass before JUnit timeout