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Apache Flink powers business-critical applications in many companies and enterprises around the globe. On this page, we present a few notable Flink users that run interesting use cases in production and link to resources that discuss their applications in more detail.

More Flink users are listed in the Powered by Flink directory in the project wiki. Please note that the list is not comprehensive. We only add users that explicitly ask to be listed.

If you would you like to be included on this page, please reach out to the Flink user mailing list and let us know.

Alibaba AWS BetterCloud Bouygues
Alibaba, the world’s largest retailer, uses a fork of Flink called Blink to optimize search rankings in real time.

Read more about Flink’s role at Alibaba
Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, a fully managed cloud service for stream processing, uses Apache Flink in part to power its Java application capability. BetterCloud, a multi-SaaS management platform, uses Flink to surface near real-time intelligence from SaaS application activity.

See BetterCloud at Flink Forward SF 2017
Bouygues Telecom is running 30 production applications powered by Flink and is processing 10 billion raw events per day.

See Bouygues Telcom at Flink Forward 2016
Capital One Comcast Criteo Didi
Capital One, a Fortune 500 financial services company, uses Flink for real-time activity monitoring and alerting.

Learn about Capital One’s fraud detection use case
Comcast, a global media and technology company, uses Flink for operationalizing machine learning models and near-real-time event stream processing.

Learn about Flink at Comcast
Criteo is the advertising platform for the open internet and uses Flink for real-time revenue monitoring and near-real-time event processing.

Learn about Criteo’s Flink use case
Didi Chuxing (“DiDi”), the world’s leading mobile transportation platform, uses Apache Flink for real-time monitoring, feature extraction, and ETL.

Learn about Didi’s Flink use case
Drivetribe Ebay Ericsson Gojek
Drivetribe, a digital community founded by the former hosts of “Top Gear”, uses Flink for metrics and content recommendations.

Read about Flink in the Drivetribe stack
Ebay’s monitoring platform is powered by Flink and evaluates thousands of customizable alert rules on metrics and log streams.

Learn more about Flink at Ebay
Ericsson used Flink to build a real-time anomaly detector with machine learning over large infrastructures.

Read a detailed overview on O’Reilly Ideas
Gojek is a Super App: one app with over 20 services uses Flink to power their self-serve platform empowering data-driven decisions across functions.

Read more on the Gojek engineering blog
Huawei King Klaviyo Kuaishou
Huawei is a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices. Huawei Cloud provides Cloud Service based on Flink.

Learn about how Flink powers Cloud Service
King, the creators of Candy Crush Saga, uses Flink to provide data science teams a real-time analytics dashboard.

Learn more about King’s Flink implementation
Klaviyo leverages Apache Flink to scale its real-time analytics system that deduplicates and aggregates over a million events per second.

Read about real-time analytics at Klaviyo
Kuaishou, one of the leading short video sharing apps in China, uses Apache Flink to build a real-time monitoring platform for short videos and live streaming.

Read about real-time monitoring at Kuaishou
Lyft Mediamath Mux OPPO
Lyft uses Flink as processing engine for its streaming platform, for example to consistently generate features for machine learning.

Read more about Streaming at Lyft
MediaMath, a programmatic marketing company, uses Flink to power its real-time reporting infrastructure.

See MediaMath at Flink Forward SF 2017
Mux, an analytics company for streaming video providers, uses Flink for real-time anomaly detection and alerting.

Read more about how Mux is using Flink
OPPO, one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in China, build a real-time data warehouse with Flink to analyze the effects of operating activities and short-term interests of users.

Read more about how OPPO is using Flink
Otto Group OVH Pinterest Razorpay
Otto Group, the world’s second-largest online retailer, uses Flink for business intelligence stream processing.

See Otto at Flink Forward 2016
OVH leverages Flink to develop streaming-oriented applications such as real-time Business Intelligence or alerting systems.

Read more about how OVH is using Flink
Pinterest runs thousands of experiments every day on a platform for real-time experiment analytics that is based on Apache Flink.

Read more about real-time experiment analytics at Pinterest
Razorpay, one of India’s largest payment gateways, built their in-house platform Mitra with Apache Flink to scale AI feature generation and model serving in real-time.

Read more about data science with Flink at Razorpay
ResearchGate SK Telecom Telefonica Next Tencent
ResearchGate, a social network for scientists, uses Flink for network analysis and near-duplicate detection.

See ResearchGate at Flink Forward 2016
SK telecom is South Korea’s largest wireless carrier and uses Flink for several applications including smart factory and mobility applications.

Learn more about one of SK telecom’s use cases
Telefónica NEXT’s TÜV-certified Data Anonymization Platform is powered by Flink.

Read more about Telefónica NEXT
Tencent, one of the largest Internet companies, built an in-house platform with Apache Flink to improve the efficiency of developing and operating real-time applications.

Read more about Tencent’s platform.
Uber Vip Xiaomi Yelp
Uber built their internal SQL-based, open-source streaming analytics platform AthenaX on Apache Flink.

Read more on the Uber engineering blog
Vip, one of the largest warehouse sale website for big brands in China, uses Flink to stream and ETL data into Apache Hive in real-time for data processing and analytics.

Read more about Vip’s story.
Xiaomi, one of the largest electronics companies in China, built a platform with Flink to improve the efficiency of developing and operating real-time applications and use it in real-time recommendations.

Learn more about how Xiaomi is using Flink.
Yelp utilizes Flink to power its data connectors ecosystem and stream processing infrastructure.

Find out more watching a Flink Forward talk
Zalando, one of the largest e-commerce companies in Europe, uses Flink for real-time process monitoring and ETL.

Read more on the Zalando Tech Blog