Training Course

The Apache Flink community maintains a self-paced training course that contains a set of lessons and hands-on exercises. This step-by-step introduction to Flink focuses on learning how to use the DataStream API to meet the needs of common, real-world use cases.

This training covers the fundamentals of Flink, including:

Intro to Flink
  • Batch vs. Streaming
  • Parallel Dataflows
  • State, Time, and Snapshots
Intro to the DataStream API
  • Data Types and Serialization
  • Architecture
  • Sources and Sinks
Data Pipelines and ETL
  • Transformations
  • Stateful Stream Processing
  • Connected Streams
Streaming Analytics
  • Event Time Processing
  • Watermarks
  • Windows
Event-driven Applications
  • Process Functions
  • Timers
  • Side Outputs
Fault Tolerance
  • Checkpoints and Savepoints
  • Exactly-once vs. At-least-once
  • Exactly-once End-to-end