Apache Flink® - 数据流上的有状态计算

  • 事件驱动应用
  • 流批分析
  • 数据管道 & ETL
  • Exactly-once 状态一致性
  • 事件时间处理
  • 成熟的迟到数据处理
分层 API
  • SQL on Stream & Batch Data
  • DataStream API & DataSet API
  • ProcessFunction (Time & State)
  • 灵活部署
  • 高可用
  • 保存点
  • 水平扩展架构
  • 支持超大状态
  • 增量检查点机制
  • 低延迟
  • 高吞吐
  • 内存计算

Apache Flink 1.9.1 Released

The Apache Flink community released the first bugfix version of the Apache Flink 1.9 series.

The State Processor API: How to Read, write and modify the state of Flink applications
This post explores the State Processor API, introduced with Flink 1.9.0, why this feature is a big step for Flink, what you can use it for, how to use it and explores some future directions that align the feature with Apache Flink's evolution into a system for unified batch and stream processing.
Apache Flink 1.8.2 Released

The Apache Flink community released the second bugfix version of the Apache Flink 1.8 series.

Flink Community Update - September'19
This has been an exciting, fast-paced year for the Apache Flink community. But with over 10k messages across the mailing lists, 3k Jira tickets and 2k pull requests, it is not easy to keep up with the latest state of the project. Plus everything happening around it. With that in mind, we want to bring back regular community updates to the Flink blog.
Apache Flink 1.9.0 Release Announcement

The Apache Flink community is proud to announce the release of Apache Flink 1.9.0.