Apache Flink® — Stateful Computations over Data Streams

Apache Flink® — Stateful Computations over Data Streams #

All streaming use cases
  • Event-driven Applications
  • Stream & Batch Analytics
  • Data Pipelines & ETL
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Guaranteed correctness
  • Exactly-once state consistency
  • Event-time processing
  • Sophisticated late data handling
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Layered APIs
  • SQL on Stream & Batch Data
  • DataStream API & DataSet API
  • ProcessFunction (Time & State)
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Operational Focus
  • Flexible deployment
  • High-availability setup
  • Savepoints
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Scales to any use case
  • Scale-out architecture
  • Support for very large state
  • Incremental checkpointing
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Excellent Performance
  • Low latency
  • High throughput
  • In-Memory computing
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Latest Blog Posts #

Announcing the Release of Apache Flink 1.17
The Apache Flink PMC is pleased to announce Apache Flink release 1.17.0. Apache Flink is the leading stream processing standard, and the concept of unified stream and batch data processing is being successfully adopted in more and more companies. Thanks to our excellent community and contributors, Apache Flink continues to grow as a technology and remains one of the most active projects in the Apache Software Foundation. Flink 1.17 had 172 contributors enthusiastically participating and saw the completion of 7 FLIPs and 600+ issues, bringing many exciting new features and improvements to the community.

Apache Flink 1.15.4 Release Announcement
The Apache Flink Community is pleased to announce the fourth bug fix release of the Flink 1.15 series. This release includes 53 bug fixes, vulnerability fixes, and minor improvements for Flink 1.15. Below you will find a list of all bugfixes and improvements (excluding improvements to the build infrastructure and build stability). For a complete list of all changes see: JIRA. We highly recommend all users upgrade to Flink 1.15.4.

Apache Flink Kubernetes Operator 1.4.0 Release Announcement
We are proud to announce the latest stable release of the operator. In addition to the expected stability improvements and fixes, the 1.4.0 release introduces the first version of the long-awaited autoscaler module. Flink Streaming Job Autoscaler # A highly requested feature for Flink applications is the ability to scale the pipeline based on incoming data load and the utilization of the dataflow. While Flink has already provided some of the required building blocks, this feature has not yet been realized in the open source ecosystem.