Latest stable release (v1.6.1)

Apache Flink® 1.6.1 is our latest stable release.

An Apache Hadoop installation is not required to use Apache Flink. For users that use Flink without any Hadoop components, we recommend the release without bundled Hadoop libraries.

If you plan to use Apache Flink together with Apache Hadoop (run Flink on YARN, connect to HDFS, connect to HBase, or use some Hadoop-based file system connector) then select the download that bundles the matching Hadoop version, or use the Hadoop free version and export your HADOOP_CLASSPATH.


Scala 2.11
Apache Flink only Download (asc, sha512)
Flink with Hadoop® 2.8 Download (asc, sha512)
Flink with Hadoop® 2.7 Download (asc, sha512)
Flink with Hadoop® 2.6 Download (asc, sha512)
Flink with Hadoop® 2.4 Download (asc, sha512)


Release Notes

Please have a look at the Release Notes for Flink 1.6 if you plan to upgrade your Flink setup from a previous version.

Verifying Hashes and Signatures

Along with our releases, we also provide sha512 hashes in *.sha512 files and cryptographic signatures in *.asc files. The Apache Software Foundation has an extensive tutorial to verify hashes and signatures which you can follow by using any of these release-signing KEYS.

Maven Dependencies

You can add the following dependencies to your pom.xml to include Apache Flink in your project. These dependencies include a local execution environment and thus support local testing.

  • Scala API: To use the Scala API, replace the flink-java artifact id with flink-scala_2.11 and flink-streaming-java_2.11 with flink-streaming-scala_2.11.

Update Policy for old releases

As of March 2017, the Flink community decided to support the current and previous minor release with bugfixes. If 1.2.x is the current release, 1.1.y is the previous minor supported release. Both versions will receive bugfixes for critical issues.

Note that the community is always open to discussing bugfix releases for even older versions. Please get in touch with the developers for that on the mailing list.

All stable releases

All Flink releases are available via including checksums and cryptographic signatures. At the time of writing, this includes the following versions:

Snapshots (Nightly Builds)

Warning: These builds are not official releases. They are not endorsed in any way, they have not undergone a proper release process and have not undergone any license checks. The snapshot builds are only for developer convenience, to test features before an official release.

  • Archive: Apache Flink 1.7-SNAPSHOT: flink-1.7-SNAPSHOT-bin-hadoop2.tgz

  • Maven: Add the Apache Snapshot repository to your pom.xml to use dependencies with 1.7-SNAPSHOT version.

    <name>Apache Development Snapshot Repository</name>