Apache Flink® — Stateful Computations over Data Streams

All streaming use cases
  • Event-driven Applications
  • Stream & Batch Analytics
  • Data Pipelines & ETL
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Guaranteed correctness
  • Exactly-once state consistency
  • Event-time processing
  • Sophisticated late data handling
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Layered APIs
  • SQL on Stream & Batch Data
  • DataStream API & DataSet API
  • ProcessFunction (Time & State)
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Operational Focus
  • Flexible deployment
  • High-availability setup
  • Savepoints
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Scales to any use case
  • Scale-out architecture
  • Support for very large state
  • Incremental checkpointing
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Excellent Performance
  • Low latency
  • High throughput
  • In-Memory computing
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Apache Flink 1.12.1 Released

The Apache Flink community released the first bugfix version of the Apache Flink 1.12 series.

Using RocksDB State Backend in Apache Flink: When and How
This blog post will guide you through the benefits of using RocksDB to manage your application’s state, explain when and how to use it and also clear up a few common misconceptions.
Exploring fine-grained recovery of bounded data sets on Flink
Apache Flink 1.9 introduced fine-grained recovery through FLIP-1. The Flink APIs that are made for bounded workloads benefit from this change by individually recovering failed operators, re-using results from the previous processing step. This blog post gives an overview over these changes and evaluates their effectiveness.
What's New in the Pulsar Flink Connector 2.7.0
With the unification of batch and streaming regarded as the future in data processing, the Pulsar Flink Connector provides an ideal solution for unified batch and stream processing with Apache Pulsar and Apache Flink. The Pulsar Flink Connector 2.7.0 supports features in Pulsar 2.7 and Flink 1.12 and is fully compatible with Flink's data format. The Pulsar Flink Connector 2.7.0 will be contributed to the Flink repository soon and the contribution process is ongoing.
Stateful Functions 2.2.2 Release Announcement

The Apache Flink community released the second bugfix release of the Stateful Functions (StateFun) 2.2 series, version 2.2.2.