Flink 0.10.2 Released

February 11, 2016 -

Today, the Flink community released Flink version 0.10.2, the second bugfix release of the 0.10 series.

We recommend all users updating to this release by bumping the version of your Flink dependencies to 0.10.2 and updating the binaries on the server.

Issues fixed #

  • FLINK-3242: Adjust StateBackendITCase for 0.10 signatures of state backends
  • FLINK-3236: Flink user code classloader as parent classloader from Flink core classes
  • FLINK-2962: Cluster startup script refers to unused variable
  • FLINK-3151: Downgrade to Netty version 4.0.27.Final
  • FLINK-3224: Call setInputType() on output formats that implement InputTypeConfigurable
  • FLINK-3218: Fix overriding of user parameters when merging Hadoop configurations
  • FLINK-3189: Fix argument parsing of CLI client INFO action
  • FLINK-3176: Improve documentation for window apply
  • FLINK-3185: Log error on failure during recovery
  • FLINK-3185: Don’t swallow test failure Exception
  • FLINK-3147: Expose HadoopOutputFormatBase fields as protected
  • FLINK-3145: Pin Kryo version of transitive dependencies
  • FLINK-3143: Update Closure Cleaner’s ASM references to ASM5
  • FLINK-3136: Fix shaded imports in ClosureCleaner.scala
  • FLINK-3108: JoinOperator’s with() calls the wrong TypeExtractor method
  • FLINK-3125: Web server starts also when JobManager log files cannot be accessed.
  • FLINK-3080: Relax restrictions of DataStream.union()
  • FLINK-3081: Properly stop periodic Kafka committer
  • FLINK-3082: Fixed confusing error about an interface that no longer exists
  • FLINK-3067: Enforce zkclient 0.7 for Kafka
  • FLINK-3020: Set number of task slots to maximum parallelism in local execution