Apache Flink 1.3.1 Released

June 23, 2017 -

The Apache Flink community released the first bugfix version of the Apache Flink 1.3 series.

This release includes 50 fixes and minor improvements for Flink 1.3.0. The list below includes a detailed list of all fixes.

We highly recommend all users to upgrade to Flink 1.3.1.


You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.


  • [FLINK-6492] - Unclosed DataOutputViewStream in GenericArraySerializerConfigSnapshot#write()
  • [FLINK-6602] - Table source with defined time attributes allows empty string
  • [FLINK-6652] - Problem with DelimitedInputFormat
  • [FLINK-6659] - RocksDBMergeIteratorTest, SavepointITCase leave temporary directories behind
  • [FLINK-6669] - [Build] Scala style check errror on Windows
  • [FLINK-6685] - SafetyNetCloseableRegistry is closed prematurely in Task::triggerCheckpointBarrier
  • [FLINK-6772] - Incorrect ordering of matched state events in Flink CEP
  • [FLINK-6775] - StateDescriptor cannot be shared by multiple subtasks
  • [FLINK-6780] - ExternalTableSource should add time attributes in the row type
  • [FLINK-6783] - Wrongly extracted TypeInformations for WindowedStream::aggregate
  • [FLINK-6797] - building docs fails with bundler 1.15
  • [FLINK-6801] - PojoSerializerConfigSnapshot cannot deal with missing Pojo fields
  • [FLINK-6804] - Inconsistent state migration behaviour between different state backends
  • [FLINK-6807] - Elasticsearch 5 connector artifact not published to maven
  • [FLINK-6808] - Stream join fails when checkpointing is enabled
  • [FLINK-6809] - side outputs documentation: wrong variable name in java example code
  • [FLINK-6812] - Elasticsearch 5 release artifacts not published to Maven central
  • [FLINK-6815] - Javadocs don't work anymore in Flink 1.4-SNAPSHOT
  • [FLINK-6816] - Fix wrong usage of Scala string interpolation in Table API
  • [FLINK-6833] - Race condition: Asynchronous checkpointing task can fail completed StreamTask
  • [FLINK-6844] - TraversableSerializer should implement compatibility methods
  • [FLINK-6848] - Extend the managed state docs with a Scala example
  • [FLINK-6853] - Migrating from Flink 1.1 fails for FlinkCEP
  • [FLINK-6869] - Scala serializers do not have the serialVersionUID specified
  • [FLINK-6875] - Remote DataSet API job submission timing out
  • [FLINK-6881] - Creating a table from a POJO and defining a time attribute fails
  • [FLINK-6883] - Serializer for collection of Scala case classes are generated with different anonymous class names in 1.3
  • [FLINK-6886] - Fix Timestamp field can not be selected in event time case when toDataStream[T], `T` not a `Row` Type.
  • [FLINK-6896] - Creating a table from a POJO and use table sink to output fail
  • [FLINK-6899] - Wrong state array size in NestedMapsStateTable
  • [FLINK-6914] - TrySerializer#ensureCompatibility causes StackOverflowException
  • [FLINK-6915] - EnumValueSerializer broken
  • [FLINK-6921] - EnumValueSerializer cannot properly handle appended enum values
  • [FLINK-6922] - Enum(Value)SerializerConfigSnapshot uses Java serialization to store enum values
  • [FLINK-6930] - Selecting window start / end on row-based Tumble/Slide window causes NPE
  • [FLINK-6932] - Update the inaccessible Dataflow Model paper link
  • [FLINK-6941] - Selecting window start / end on over window causes field not resolve exception
  • [FLINK-6948] - EnumValueSerializer cannot handle removed enum values


  • [FLINK-5354] - Split up Table API documentation into multiple pages
  • [FLINK-6038] - Add deep links to Apache Bahir Flink streaming connector documentations
  • [FLINK-6796] - Allow setting the user code class loader for AbstractStreamOperatorTestHarness
  • [FLINK-6803] - Add test for PojoSerializer when Pojo changes
  • [FLINK-6859] - StateCleaningCountTrigger should not delete timer
  • [FLINK-6929] - Add documentation for Table API OVER windows
  • [FLINK-6952] - Add link to Javadocs
  • [FLINK-6748] - Table API / SQL Docs: Table API Page


  • [FLINK-6830] - Add ITTests for savepoint migration from 1.3
  • [FLINK-6320] - Flakey JobManagerHAJobGraphRecoveryITCase
  • [FLINK-6744] - Flaky ExecutionGraphSchedulingTest
  • [FLINK-6913] - Instable StatefulJobSavepointMigrationITCase.testRestoreSavepoint