Apache Flink 1.18.1 Release Announcement

January 19, 2024 - Jing Ge (@jingengineer)

The Apache Flink Community is pleased to announce the first bug fix release of the Flink 1.18 series.

This release includes 47 bug fixes, vulnerability fixes, and minor improvements for Flink 1.18. Below you will find a list of all bugfixes and improvements (excluding improvements to the build infrastructure and build stability). For a complete list of all changes see: JIRA.

We highly recommend all users upgrade to Flink 1.18.1.

Note: Users that have state compression should not migrate to 1.18.1 (nor 1.18.0) due to a critical bug that could lead to data loss. Please refer to FLINK-34063 for more information.

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You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

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Release Notes #

    Release Notes - Flink - Version 1.18.1


  • [FLINK-31650] - Incorrect busyMsTimePerSecond metric value for FINISHED task
  • [FLINK-33158] - Cryptic exception when there is a StreamExecSort in JsonPlan
  • [FLINK-33171] - Consistent implicit type coercion support for equal and non-equal comparisons for codegen
  • [FLINK-33223] - MATCH_RECOGNIZE AFTER MATCH clause can not be deserialised from a compiled plan
  • [FLINK-33225] - Python API incorrectly passes `JVM_ARGS` as single argument
  • [FLINK-33313] - RexNodeExtractor fails to extract conditions with binary literal
  • [FLINK-33352] - OpenAPI spec is lacking mappings for discriminator properties
  • [FLINK-33395] - The join hint doesn't work when appears in subquery
  • [FLINK-33474] - ShowPlan throws undefined exception In Flink Web Submit Page
  • [FLINK-33523] - DataType ARRAY<INT NOT NULL> fails to cast into Object[]
  • [FLINK-33529] - PyFlink fails with "No module named 'cloudpickle"
  • [FLINK-33541] - RAND_INTEGER can't be existed in a IF statement
  • [FLINK-33567] - Flink documentation should only display connector downloads links when a connector is available
  • [FLINK-33588] - Fix Flink Checkpointing Statistics Bug
  • [FLINK-33613] - Python UDF Runner process leak in Process Mode
  • [FLINK-33693] - Force aligned barrier logic doesn't work when the aligned checkpoint timeout is enabled
  • [FLINK-33752] - When Duration is greater than or equal to 1 day, the display unit is ms.
  • [FLINK-33793] - java.lang.NoSuchMethodError when checkpointing in Google Cloud Storage
  • [FLINK-33872] - Checkpoint history does not display for completed jobs

New Feature


  • [FLINK-24819] - Higher APIServer cpu load after using SharedIndexInformer replaced naked Kubernetes watch
  • [FLINK-32611] - Redirect to Apache Paimon's link instead of legacy flink table store
  • [FLINK-33041] - Add an introduction about how to migrate DataSet API to DataStream
  • [FLINK-33161] - [benchmark] Java17 profile for benchmarks
  • [FLINK-33501] - Rely on Maven wrapper instead of having custom Maven installation logic
  • [FLINK-33598] - Watch HA configmap via name instead of lables to reduce pressure on APIserver