Apache Flink 1.19.1 Release Announcement

June 14, 2024 - Hong (@hlteoh2)

The Apache Flink Community is pleased to announce the first bug fix release of the Flink 1.19 series.

This release includes 44 bug fixes, vulnerability fixes, and minor improvements for Flink 1.19. Below you will find a list of all bugfixes and improvements (excluding improvements to the build infrastructure and build stability). For a complete list of all changes see: JIRA.

We highly recommend all users upgrade to Flink 1.19.1.

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You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

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Release Notes #

    Release Notes - Flink - Version 1.19.1


  • [FLINK-26808] - [flink v1.14.2] Submit jobs via REST API not working after set web.submit.enable: false
  • [FLINK-27741] - Fix NPE when use dense_rank() and rank() in over aggregation
  • [FLINK-28693] - Codegen failed if the watermark is defined on a columnByExpression
  • [FLINK-31223] - sql-client.sh fails to start with ssl enabled
  • [FLINK-32513] - Job in BATCH mode with a significant number of transformations freezes on method StreamGraphGenerator.existsUnboundedSource()
  • [FLINK-32828] - Partition aware watermark not handled correctly shortly after job start up from checkpoint or savepoint
  • [FLINK-33798] - Automatically clean up rocksdb logs when the task failover.
  • [FLINK-34379] - table.optimizer.dynamic-filtering.enabled lead to OutOfMemoryError
  • [FLINK-34517] - environment configs ignored when calling procedure operation
  • [FLINK-34616] - python dist doesn't clean when open method construct resource
  • [FLINK-34725] - Dockerfiles for release publishing has incorrect config.yaml path
  • [FLINK-34956] - The config type is wrong for Duration
  • [FLINK-35089] - Two input AbstractStreamOperator may throw NPE when receiving RecordAttributes
  • [FLINK-35097] - Table API Filesystem connector with 'raw' format repeats last line
  • [FLINK-35098] - Incorrect results for queries like "10 >= y" on tables using Filesystem connector and Orc format
  • [FLINK-35112] - Membership for Row class does not include field names
  • [FLINK-35159] - CreatingExecutionGraph can leak CheckpointCoordinator and cause JM crash
  • [FLINK-35169] - Recycle buffers to freeSegments before releasing data buffer for sort accumulator
  • [FLINK-35217] - Missing fsync in FileSystemCheckpointStorage
  • [FLINK-35351] - Restore from unaligned checkpoints with a custom partitioner fails.
  • [FLINK-35358] - Breaking change when loading artifacts
  • [FLINK-35429] - We don't need introduce getFlinkConfigurationOptions for SqlGatewayRestEndpointFactory#Context
  • [FLINK-35554] - usrlib is not added to classpath when using containers


  • [FLINK-34746] - Switching to the Apache CDN for Dockerfile
  • [FLINK-34922] - Exception History should support multiple Global failures
  • [FLINK-34955] - Upgrade commons-compress to 1.26.0

Technical Debt

  • [FLINK-35532] - Prevent Cross-Site Authentication (XSA) attacks on Flink dashboard