Flink 1.0.1 Released

April 6, 2016 -

Today, the Flink community released Flink version 1.0.1, the first bugfix release of the 1.0 series.

We recommend all users updating to this release by bumping the version of your Flink dependencies to 1.0.1 and updating the binaries on the server. You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

Fixed Issues #


  • [FLINK-3179] - Combiner is not injected if Reduce or GroupReduce input is explicitly partitioned
  • [FLINK-3472] - JDBCInputFormat.nextRecord(..) has misleading message on NPE
  • [FLINK-3491] - HDFSCopyUtilitiesTest fails on Windows
  • [FLINK-3495] - RocksDB Tests can't run on Windows
  • [FLINK-3533] - Update the Gelly docs wrt examples and cluster execution
  • [FLINK-3563] - .returns() doesn't compile when using .map() with a custom MapFunction
  • [FLINK-3566] - Input type validation often fails on custom TypeInfo implementations
  • [FLINK-3578] - Scala DataStream API does not support Rich Window Functions
  • [FLINK-3595] - Kafka09 consumer thread does not interrupt when stuck in record emission
  • [FLINK-3602] - Recursive Types are not supported / crash TypeExtractor
  • [FLINK-3621] - Misleading documentation of memory configuration parameters
  • [FLINK-3629] - In wikiedits Quick Start example, "The first call, .window()" should be "The first call, .timeWindow()"
  • [FLINK-3651] - Fix faulty RollingSink Restore
  • [FLINK-3653] - recovery.zookeeper.storageDir is not documented on the configuration page
  • [FLINK-3663] - FlinkKafkaConsumerBase.logPartitionInfo is missing a log marker
  • [FLINK-3681] - CEP library does not support Java 8 lambdas as select function
  • [FLINK-3682] - CEP operator does not set the processing timestamp correctly
  • [FLINK-3684] - CEP operator does not forward watermarks properly


  • [FLINK-3570] - Replace random NIC selection heuristic by InetAddress.getLocalHost
  • [FLINK-3575] - Update Working With State Section in Doc
  • [FLINK-3591] - Replace Quickstart K-Means Example by Streaming Example