Apache Flink 1.8.2 Released

September 11, 2019 - Jark Wu (@JarkWu)

The Apache Flink community released the second bugfix version of the Apache Flink 1.8 series.

This release includes 23 fixes and minor improvements for Flink 1.8.1. The list below includes a detailed list of all fixes and improvements.

We highly recommend all users to upgrade to Flink 1.8.2.

Updated Maven dependencies:


You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

List of resolved issues:


  • [FLINK-13941] - Prevent data-loss by not cleaning up small part files from S3.
  • [FLINK-9526] - BucketingSink end-to-end test failed on Travis
  • [FLINK-10368] - 'Kerberized YARN on Docker test' unstable
  • [FLINK-12319] - StackOverFlowError in cep.nfa.sharedbuffer.SharedBuffer
  • [FLINK-12736] - ResourceManager may release TM with allocated slots
  • [FLINK-12889] - Job keeps in FAILING state
  • [FLINK-13059] - Cassandra Connector leaks Semaphore on Exception; hangs on close
  • [FLINK-13159] - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException when restore job
  • [FLINK-13367] - Make ClosureCleaner detect writeReplace serialization override
  • [FLINK-13369] - Recursive closure cleaner ends up with stackOverflow in case of circular dependency
  • [FLINK-13394] - Use fallback unsafe secure MapR in nightly.sh
  • [FLINK-13484] - ConnectedComponents end-to-end test instable with NoResourceAvailableException
  • [FLINK-13499] - Remove dependency on MapR artifact repository
  • [FLINK-13508] - CommonTestUtils#waitUntilCondition() may attempt to sleep with negative time
  • [FLINK-13586] - Method ClosureCleaner.clean broke backward compatibility between 1.8.0 and 1.8.1
  • [FLINK-13761] - `SplitStream` should be deprecated because `SplitJavaStream` is deprecated
  • [FLINK-13789] - Transactional Id Generation fails due to user code impacting formatting string
  • [FLINK-13806] - Metric Fetcher floods the JM log with errors when TM is lost
  • [FLINK-13807] - Flink-avro unit tests fails if the character encoding in the environment is not default to UTF-8
  • [FLINK-13897] - OSS FS NOTICE file is placed in wrong directory


  • [FLINK-12578] - Use secure URLs for Maven repositories
  • [FLINK-12741] - Update docs about Kafka producer fault tolerance guarantees
  • [FLINK-12749] - Add Flink Operations Playground documentation