Apache Flink 1.11.1 Released

July 21, 2020 - Dian Fu (@DianFu11)

The Apache Flink community released the first bugfix version of the Apache Flink 1.11 series.

This release includes 44 fixes and minor improvements for Flink 1.11.0. The list below includes a detailed list of all fixes and improvements.

We highly recommend all users to upgrade to Flink 1.11.1.

Updated Maven dependencies:


You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

List of resolved issues:


  • [FLINK-15794] - Rethink default value of kubernetes.container.image
  • [FLINK-18324] - Translate updated data type and function page into Chinese
  • [FLINK-18387] - Translate "BlackHole SQL Connector" page into Chinese
  • [FLINK-18388] - Translate "CSV Format" page into Chinese
  • [FLINK-18391] - Translate "Avro Format" page into Chinese
  • [FLINK-18395] - Translate "ORC Format" page into Chinese
  • [FLINK-18469] - Add Application Mode to release notes.
  • [FLINK-18524] - Scala varargs cause exception for new inference


  • [FLINK-15414] - KafkaITCase#prepare failed in travis
  • [FLINK-16181] - IfCallGen will throw NPE for primitive types in blink
  • [FLINK-16572] - CheckPubSubEmulatorTest is flaky on Azure
  • [FLINK-17543] - Rerunning failed azure jobs fails when uploading logs
  • [FLINK-17636] - SingleInputGateTest.testConcurrentReadStateAndProcessAndClose: Trying to read from released RecoveredInputChannel
  • [FLINK-18097] - History server doesn't clean all job json files
  • [FLINK-18419] - Can not create a catalog from user jar
  • [FLINK-18434] - Can not select fields with JdbcCatalog
  • [FLINK-18440] - ROW_NUMBER function: ROW/RANGE not allowed with RANK, DENSE_RANK or ROW_NUMBER functions
  • [FLINK-18461] - Changelog source can't be insert into upsert sink
  • [FLINK-18470] - Tests RocksKeyGroupsRocksSingleStateIteratorTest#testMergeIteratorByte & RocksKeyGroupsRocksSingleStateIteratorTest#testMergeIteratorShort fail locally
  • [FLINK-18471] - flink-runtime lists "org.uncommons.maths:uncommons-maths:1.2.2a" as a bundled dependency, but it isn't
  • [FLINK-18477] - ChangelogSocketExample does not work
  • [FLINK-18478] - AvroDeserializationSchema does not work with types generated by avrohugger
  • [FLINK-18485] - Kerberized YARN per-job on Docker test failed during unzip jce_policy-8.zip
  • [FLINK-18519] - Propagate exception to client when execution fails for REST submission
  • [FLINK-18520] - New Table Function type inference fails
  • [FLINK-18529] - Query Hive table and filter by timestamp partition can fail
  • [FLINK-18539] - StreamExecutionEnvironment#addSource(SourceFunction, TypeInformation) doesn't use the user defined type information
  • [FLINK-18573] - InfluxDB reporter cannot be loaded as plugin
  • [FLINK-18583] - The _id field is incorrectly set to index in Elasticsearch6 DynamicTableSink
  • [FLINK-18585] - Dynamic index can not work in new DynamicTableSink
  • [FLINK-18591] - Fix the format issue for metrics web page


  • [FLINK-18186] - Various updates on Kubernetes standalone document
  • [FLINK-18422] - Update Prefer tag in documentation 'Fault Tolerance training lesson'
  • [FLINK-18457] - Fix invalid links in "Detecting Patterns" page of "Streaming Concepts"
  • [FLINK-18472] - Local Installation Getting Started Guide
  • [FLINK-18484] - RowSerializer arity error does not provide specific information about the mismatch
  • [FLINK-18501] - Mapping of Pluggable Filesystems to scheme is not properly logged
  • [FLINK-18526] - Add the configuration of Python UDF using Managed Memory in the doc of Pyflink
  • [FLINK-18532] - Remove Beta tag from MATCH_RECOGNIZE docs
  • [FLINK-18561] - Build manylinux1 with better compatibility instead of manylinux2014 Python Wheel Packages
  • [FLINK-18593] - Hive bundle jar URLs are broken


  • [FLINK-18534] - KafkaTableITCase.testKafkaDebeziumChangelogSource failed with "Topic 'changelog_topic' already exists"


  • [FLINK-18502] - Add the page 'legacySourceSinks.zh.md' into the directory 'docs/dev/table'
  • [FLINK-18505] - Correct the content of 'sourceSinks.zh.md'