Apache Flink 1.10.2 Released

August 25, 2020 - Zhu Zhu (@zhuzhv)

The Apache Flink community released the second bugfix version of the Apache Flink 1.10 series.

This release includes 73 fixes and minor improvements for Flink 1.10.1. The list below includes a detailed list of all fixes and improvements.

We highly recommend all users to upgrade to Flink 1.10.2.

Note After FLINK-18242, the deprecated `OptionsFactory` and `ConfigurableOptionsFactory` classes are removed (not applicable for release-1.10), please use `RocksDBOptionsFactory` and `ConfigurableRocksDBOptionsFactory` instead. Please also recompile your application codes if any class extending `DefaultConfigurableOptionsFactory`
Note After FLINK-17800 by default we will set `setTotalOrderSeek` to true for RocksDB's `ReadOptions`, to prevent user from miss using `optimizeForPointLookup`. Meantime we support customizing `ReadOptions` through `RocksDBOptionsFactory`. Please set `setTotalOrderSeek` back to false if any performance regression observed (normally won't happen according to our testing).

Updated Maven dependencies:


You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

List of resolved issues:


  • [FLINK-15836] - Throw fatal error in KubernetesResourceManager when the pods watcher is closed with exception
  • [FLINK-16160] - Schema#proctime and Schema#rowtime don't work in TableEnvironment#connect code path


  • [FLINK-13689] - Rest High Level Client for Elasticsearch6.x connector leaks threads if no connection could be established
  • [FLINK-14369] - KafkaProducerAtLeastOnceITCase>KafkaProducerTestBase.testOneToOneAtLeastOnceCustomOperator fails on Travis
  • [FLINK-14836] - Unable to set yarn container number for scala shell in yarn mode
  • [FLINK-14894] - HybridOffHeapUnsafeMemorySegmentTest#testByteBufferWrap failed on Travis
  • [FLINK-15758] - Investigate potential out-of-memory problems due to managed unsafe memory allocation
  • [FLINK-15849] - Update SQL-CLIENT document from type to data-type
  • [FLINK-16309] - ElasticSearch 7 connector is missing in SQL connector list
  • [FLINK-16346] - BlobsCleanupITCase.testBlobServerCleanupCancelledJob fails on Travis
  • [FLINK-16432] - Building Hive connector gives problems
  • [FLINK-16451] - Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException for DISTINCT AGG with constants
  • [FLINK-16510] - Task manager safeguard shutdown may not be reliable
  • [FLINK-17092] - Pyflink test BlinkStreamDependencyTests is instable
  • [FLINK-17322] - Enable latency tracker would corrupt the broadcast state
  • [FLINK-17420] - Cannot alias Tuple and Row fields when converting DataStream to Table
  • [FLINK-17466] - toRetractStream doesn't work correctly with Pojo conversion class
  • [FLINK-17555] - docstring of pyflink.table.descriptors.FileSystem:1:duplicate object description of pyflink.table.descriptors.FileSystem
  • [FLINK-17558] - Partitions are released in TaskExecutor Main Thread
  • [FLINK-17562] - POST /jars/:jarid/plan is not working
  • [FLINK-17578] - Union of 2 SideOutputs behaviour incorrect
  • [FLINK-17639] - Document which FileSystems are supported by the StreamingFileSink
  • [FLINK-17643] - LaunchCoordinatorTest fails
  • [FLINK-17700] - The callback client of JavaGatewayServer should run in a daemon thread
  • [FLINK-17744] - StreamContextEnvironment#execute cannot be call JobListener#onJobExecuted
  • [FLINK-17763] - No log files when starting scala-shell
  • [FLINK-17788] - scala shell in yarn mode is broken
  • [FLINK-17800] - RocksDB optimizeForPointLookup results in missing time windows
  • [FLINK-17801] - TaskExecutorTest.testHeartbeatTimeoutWithResourceManager timeout
  • [FLINK-17809] - BashJavaUtil script logic does not work for paths with spaces
  • [FLINK-17822] - Nightly Flink CLI end-to-end test failed with "JavaGcCleanerWrapper$PendingCleanersRunner cannot access class jdk.internal.misc.SharedSecrets" in Java 11
  • [FLINK-17870] - dependent jars are missing to be shipped to cluster in scala shell
  • [FLINK-17891] - FlinkYarnSessionCli sets wrong execution.target type
  • [FLINK-17959] - Exception: "CANCELLED: call already cancelled" is thrown when run python udf
  • [FLINK-18008] - HistoryServer does not log environment information on startup
  • [FLINK-18012] - Deactivate slot timeout if TaskSlotTable.tryMarkSlotActive is called
  • [FLINK-18035] - Executors#newCachedThreadPool could not work as expected
  • [FLINK-18045] - Fix Kerberos credentials checking to unblock Flink on secured MapR
  • [FLINK-18048] - "--host" option could not take effect for standalone application cluster
  • [FLINK-18097] - History server doesn't clean all job json files
  • [FLINK-18168] - Error results when use UDAF with Object Array return type
  • [FLINK-18223] - AvroSerializer does not correctly instantiate GenericRecord
  • [FLINK-18241] - Custom OptionsFactory in user code not working when configured via flink-conf.yaml
  • [FLINK-18242] - Custom OptionsFactory settings seem to have no effect on RocksDB
  • [FLINK-18297] - SQL client: setting execution.type to invalid value shuts down the session
  • [FLINK-18329] - Dist NOTICE issues
  • [FLINK-18352] - org.apache.flink.core.execution.DefaultExecutorServiceLoader not thread safe
  • [FLINK-18517] - kubernetes session test failed with "java.net.SocketException: Broken pipe"
  • [FLINK-18539] - StreamExecutionEnvironment#addSource(SourceFunction, TypeInformation) doesn't use the user defined type information
  • [FLINK-18595] - Deadlock during job shutdown
  • [FLINK-18646] - Managed memory released check can block RPC thread
  • [FLINK-18663] - RestServerEndpoint may prevent server shutdown
  • [FLINK-18677] - ZooKeeperLeaderRetrievalService does not invalidate leader in case of SUSPENDED connection
  • [FLINK-18702] - Flink elasticsearch connector leaks threads and classloaders thereof
  • [FLINK-18815] - AbstractCloseableRegistryTest.testClose unstable
  • [FLINK-18821] - Netty client retry mechanism may cause PartitionRequestClientFactory#createPartitionRequestClient to wait infinitely
  • [FLINK-18859] - ExecutionGraphNotEnoughResourceTest.testRestartWithSlotSharingAndNotEnoughResources failed with "Condition was not met in given timeout."
  • [FLINK-18902] - Cannot serve results of asynchronous REST operations in per-job mode

New Feature

  • [FLINK-17844] - Activate japicmp-maven-plugin checks for @PublicEvolving between bug fix releases (x.y.u -> x.y.v)


  • [FLINK-16217] - SQL Client crashed when any uncatched exception is thrown
  • [FLINK-16225] - Metaspace Out Of Memory should be handled as Fatal Error in TaskManager
  • [FLINK-16619] - Misleading SlotManagerImpl logging for slot reports of unknown task manager
  • [FLINK-16717] - Use headless service for rpc and blob port when flink on K8S
  • [FLINK-17248] - Make the thread nums of io executor of ClusterEntrypoint and MiniCluster configurable
  • [FLINK-17503] - Make memory configuration logging more user-friendly
  • [FLINK-17819] - Yarn error unhelpful when forgetting HADOOP_CLASSPATH
  • [FLINK-17920] - Add the Python example of Interval Join in Table API doc
  • [FLINK-17945] - Improve error reporting of Python CI tests
  • [FLINK-17970] - Increase default value of IO pool executor to 4 * #cores
  • [FLINK-18010] - Add more logging to HistoryServer
  • [FLINK-18501] - Mapping of Pluggable Filesystems to scheme is not properly logged
  • [FLINK-18644] - Remove obsolete doc for hive connector
  • [FLINK-18772] - Hide submit job web ui elements when running in per-job/application mode