Apache Flink 1.13.1 Released

May 28, 2021 - Dawid Wysakowicz (@dwysakowicz)

The Apache Flink community released the first bugfix version of the Apache Flink 1.13 series.

This release includes 82 fixes and minor improvements for Flink 1.13.1. The list below includes bugfixes and improvements. For a complete list of all changes see: JIRA.

We highly recommend all users to upgrade to Flink 1.13.1.

Updated Maven dependencies:


You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

    Release Notes - Flink - Version 1.13.1


  • [FLINK-22378] - Type mismatch when declaring SOURCE_WATERMARK on TIMESTAMP_LTZ column
  • [FLINK-22666] - Make structured type's fields more lenient during casting


  • [FLINK-12351] - AsyncWaitOperator should deep copy StreamElement when object reuse is enabled
  • [FLINK-17170] - Cannot stop streaming job with savepoint which uses kinesis consumer
  • [FLINK-19449] - LEAD/LAG cannot work correctly in streaming mode
  • [FLINK-21181] - Buffer pool is destroyed error when outputting data over a timer after cancellation.
  • [FLINK-21247] - flink iceberg table map<string,string> cannot convert to datastream
  • [FLINK-21469] - stop-with-savepoint --drain doesn't advance watermark for sources chained to MultipleInputStreamTask
  • [FLINK-21923] - SplitAggregateRule will be abnormal, when the sum/count and avg in SQL at the same time
  • [FLINK-22109] - Misleading exception message if the number of arguments of a nested function is incorrect
  • [FLINK-22294] - Hive reading fail when getting file numbers on different filesystem nameservices
  • [FLINK-22355] - Simple Task Manager Memory Model image does not show up
  • [FLINK-22356] - Filesystem/Hive partition file is not committed when watermark is applied on rowtime of TIMESTAMP_LTZ type
  • [FLINK-22408] - Flink Table Parsr Hive Drop Partitions Syntax unparse is Error
  • [FLINK-22424] - Writing to already released buffers potentially causing data corruption during job failover/cancellation
  • [FLINK-22431] - AdaptiveScheduler does not log failure cause when recovering
  • [FLINK-22434] - Dispatcher does not store suspended jobs in execution graph store
  • [FLINK-22438] - add numRecordsOut metric for Async IO
  • [FLINK-22442] - Using scala api to change the TimeCharacteristic of the PatternStream is invalid
  • [FLINK-22463] - IllegalArgumentException is thrown in WindowAttachedWindowingStrategy when two phase is enabled for distinct agg
  • [FLINK-22479] - [Kinesis][Consumer] Potential lock-up under error condition
  • [FLINK-22489] - subtask backpressure indicator shows value for entire job
  • [FLINK-22494] - Avoid discarding checkpoints in case of failure
  • [FLINK-22502] - DefaultCompletedCheckpointStore drops unrecoverable checkpoints silently
  • [FLINK-22511] - Fix the bug of non-composite result type in Python TableAggregateFunction
  • [FLINK-22512] - Can't call current_timestamp with hive dialect for hive-3.1
  • [FLINK-22522] - BytesHashMap has many verbose logs
  • [FLINK-22523] - TUMBLE TVF should throw helpful exception when specifying second interval parameter
  • [FLINK-22525] - The zone id in exception message should be GMT+08:00 instead of GMT+8:00
  • [FLINK-22535] - Resource leak would happen if exception thrown during AbstractInvokable#restore of task life
  • [FLINK-22555] - LGPL-2.1 files in flink-python jars
  • [FLINK-22573] - AsyncIO can timeout elements after completion
  • [FLINK-22574] - Adaptive Scheduler: Can not cancel restarting job
  • [FLINK-22592] - numBuffersInLocal is always zero when using unaligned checkpoints
  • [FLINK-22596] - Active timeout is not triggered if there were no barriers
  • [FLINK-22618] - Fix incorrect free resource metrics of task managers
  • [FLINK-22654] - SqlCreateTable toString()/unparse() lose CONSTRAINTS and watermarks
  • [FLINK-22661] - HiveInputFormatPartitionReader can return invalid data
  • [FLINK-22688] - Root Exception can not be shown on Web UI in Flink 1.13.0
  • [FLINK-22706] - Source NOTICE outdated regarding docs/
  • [FLINK-22721] - Breaking HighAvailabilityServices interface by adding new method
  • [FLINK-22733] - Type mismatch thrown in DataStream.union if parameter is KeyedStream for Python DataStream API


  • [FLINK-18952] - Add 10 minutes to DataStream API documentation
  • [FLINK-20695] - Zookeeper node under leader and leaderlatch is not deleted after job finished
  • [FLINK-22250] - flink-sql-parser model Class ParserResource lack ParserResource.properties
  • [FLINK-22301] - Statebackend and CheckpointStorage type is not shown in the Web UI
  • [FLINK-22304] - Refactor some interfaces for TVF based window to improve the extendability
  • [FLINK-22470] - The root cause of the exception encountered during compiling the job was not exposed to users in certain cases
  • [FLINK-22560] - Filter maven metadata from all jars
  • [FLINK-22699] - Make ConstantArgumentCount public API
  • [FLINK-22708] - Propagate savepoint settings from StreamExecutionEnvironment to StreamGraph
  • [FLINK-22725] - SlotManagers should unregister metrics at the start of suspend()