Apache Flink 1.13.2 Released

August 6, 2021 - Yun Tang

The Apache Flink community released the second bugfix version of the Apache Flink 1.13 series.

This release includes 127 fixes and minor improvements for Flink 1.13.2. The list below includes bugfixes and improvements. For a complete list of all changes see: JIRA.

We highly recommend all users to upgrade to Flink 1.13.2.

Updated Maven dependencies:


You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

    Release Notes - Flink - Version 1.13.2


  • [FLINK-22726] - Hive GROUPING__ID returns different value in older versions


  • [FLINK-20888] - ContinuousFileReaderOperator should not close the output on close()
  • [FLINK-20975] - HiveTableSourceITCase.testPartitionFilter fails on AZP
  • [FLINK-21389] - ParquetInputFormat should not need parquet schema as user input
  • [FLINK-21445] - Application mode does not set the configuration when building PackagedProgram
  • [FLINK-21952] - Make all the "Connection reset by peer" exception wrapped as RemoteTransportException
  • [FLINK-22045] - Set log level for shaded zookeeper logger
  • [FLINK-22195] - YARNHighAvailabilityITCase.testClusterClientRetrieval because of TestTimedOutException
  • [FLINK-22203] - KafkaChangelogTableITCase.testKafkaCanalChangelogSource fail due to ConcurrentModificationException
  • [FLINK-22272] - Some scenes can't drop table by hive catalog
  • [FLINK-22312] - YARNSessionFIFOSecuredITCase>YARNSessionFIFOITCase.checkForProhibitedLogContents due to the heartbeat exception with Yarn RM
  • [FLINK-22376] - SequentialChannelStateReaderImpl may recycle buffer twice
  • [FLINK-22443] - can not be execute an extreme long sql under batch mode
  • [FLINK-22462] - JdbcExactlyOnceSinkE2eTest.testInsert failed because of too many clients.
  • [FLINK-22464] - OperatorEventSendingCheckpointITCase.testOperatorEventLostWithReaderFailure hangs with `AdaptiveScheduler`
  • [FLINK-22492] - KinesisTableApiITCase with wrong results
  • [FLINK-22496] - ClusterEntrypointTest.testCloseAsyncShouldBeExecutedInShutdownHook failed
  • [FLINK-22545] - JVM crashes when runing OperatorEventSendingCheckpointITCase.testOperatorEventAckLost
  • [FLINK-22547] - OperatorCoordinatorHolderTest. verifyCheckpointEventOrderWhenCheckpointFutureCompletesLate fail
  • [FLINK-22613] - FlinkKinesisITCase.testStopWithSavepoint fails
  • [FLINK-22662] - YARNHighAvailabilityITCase.testKillYarnSessionClusterEntrypoint fail
  • [FLINK-22683] - The total Flink/process memory of memoryConfiguration in /taskmanagers can be null or incorrect value
  • [FLINK-22686] - Incompatible subtask mappings while resuming from unaligned checkpoints
  • [FLINK-22689] - Table API Documentation Row-Based Operations Example Fails
  • [FLINK-22698] - RabbitMQ source does not stop unless message arrives in queue
  • [FLINK-22725] - SlotManagers should unregister metrics at the start of suspend()
  • [FLINK-22730] - Lookup join condition with CURRENT_DATE fails to filter records
  • [FLINK-22746] - Links to connectors in docs are broken
  • [FLINK-22759] - Correct the applicability of RocksDB related options as per operator
  • [FLINK-22760] - HiveParser::setCurrentTimestamp fails with hive-3.1.2
  • [FLINK-22777] - Restore lost sections in Try Flink DataStream API example
  • [FLINK-22779] - KafkaChangelogTableITCase.testKafkaDebeziumChangelogSource fail due to ConcurrentModificationException
  • [FLINK-22786] - sql-client can not create .flink-sql-history file
  • [FLINK-22795] - Throw better exception when executing remote SQL file in SQL Client
  • [FLINK-22796] - Update mem_setup_tm documentation
  • [FLINK-22814] - New sources are not defining/exposing checkpointStartDelayNanos metric
  • [FLINK-22815] - Disable unaligned checkpoints for broadcast partitioning
  • [FLINK-22819] - YARNFileReplicationITCase fails with "The YARN application unexpectedly switched to state FAILED during deployment"
  • [FLINK-22820] - Stopping Yarn session cluster will cause fatal error
  • [FLINK-22833] - Source tasks (both old and new) are not reporting checkpointStartDelay via CheckpointMetrics
  • [FLINK-22856] - Move our Azure pipelines away from Ubuntu 16.04 by September
  • [FLINK-22863] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException may happen when building rescale edges
  • [FLINK-22884] - Select view columns fail when store metadata with hive
  • [FLINK-22886] - Thread leak in RocksDBStateUploader
  • [FLINK-22890] - Few tests fail in HiveTableSinkITCase
  • [FLINK-22894] - Window Top-N should allow n=1
  • [FLINK-22898] - HiveParallelismInference limit return wrong parallelism
  • [FLINK-22908] - FileExecutionGraphInfoStoreTest.testPutSuspendedJobOnClusterShutdown should wait until job is running
  • [FLINK-22927] - Exception on JobClient.get_job_status().result()
  • [FLINK-22945] - StackOverflowException can happen when a large scale job is CANCELING/FAILING
  • [FLINK-22946] - Network buffer deadlock introduced by unaligned checkpoint
  • [FLINK-22948] - Scala example for toDataStream does not compile
  • [FLINK-22952] - docs_404_check fail on azure due to ruby version not available
  • [FLINK-22961] - Incorrect calculation of alignment timeout for LocalInputChannel
  • [FLINK-22963] - The description of taskmanager.memory.task.heap.size in the official document is incorrect
  • [FLINK-22964] - Connector-base exposes dependency to flink-core.
  • [FLINK-22966] - NPE in StateAssignmentOperation when rescaling
  • [FLINK-22980] - FileExecutionGraphInfoStoreTest hangs on azure
  • [FLINK-22982] - java.lang.ClassCastException when using Python UDF
  • [FLINK-22987] - Scala suffix check isn't working
  • [FLINK-22993] - CompactFileWriter won't emit EndCheckpoint with Long.MAX_VALUE checkpointId
  • [FLINK-23001] - flink-avro-glue-schema-registry lacks scala suffix
  • [FLINK-23003] - Resource leak in RocksIncrementalSnapshotStrategy
  • [FLINK-23010] - HivePartitionFetcherContextBase::getComparablePartitionValueList can return partitions that don't exist
  • [FLINK-23018] - State factories should handle extended state descriptors
  • [FLINK-23024] - RPC result TaskManagerInfoWithSlots not serializable
  • [FLINK-23025] - sink-buffer-max-rows and sink-buffer-flush-interval options produce a lot of duplicates
  • [FLINK-23030] - PartitionRequestClientFactory#createPartitionRequestClient should throw when network failure
  • [FLINK-23034] - NPE in JobDetailsDeserializer during the reading old version of ExecutionState
  • [FLINK-23045] - RunnablesTest.testExecutorService_uncaughtExceptionHandler fails on azure
  • [FLINK-23073] - Fix space handling in Row CSV timestamp parser
  • [FLINK-23074] - There is a class conflict between flink-connector-hive and flink-parquet
  • [FLINK-23092] - Built-in UDAFs could not be mixed use with Python UDAF in group window
  • [FLINK-23096] - HiveParser could not attach the sessionstate of hive
  • [FLINK-23119] - Fix the issue that the exception that General Python UDAF is unsupported is not thrown in Compile Stage.
  • [FLINK-23120] - ByteArrayWrapperSerializer.serialize should use writeInt to serialize the length
  • [FLINK-23121] - Fix the issue that the InternalRow as arguments in Python UDAF
  • [FLINK-23129] - When cancelling any running job of multiple jobs in an application cluster, JobManager shuts down
  • [FLINK-23133] - The dependencies are not handled properly when mixing use of Python Table API and Python DataStream API
  • [FLINK-23151] - KinesisTableApiITCase.testTableApiSourceAndSink fails on azure
  • [FLINK-23166] - ZipUtils doesn't handle properly for softlinks inside the zip file
  • [FLINK-23182] - Connection leak in RMQSource
  • [FLINK-23184] - CompileException Assignment conversion not possible from type "int" to type "short"
  • [FLINK-23188] - Unsupported function definition: IFNULL. Only user defined functions are supported as inline functions
  • [FLINK-23196] - JobMasterITCase fail on azure due to BindException
  • [FLINK-23201] - The check on alignmentDurationNanos seems to be too strict
  • [FLINK-23223] - When flushAlways is enabled the subpartition may lose notification of data availability
  • [FLINK-23233] - OperatorEventSendingCheckpointITCase.testOperatorEventLostWithReaderFailure fails on azure
  • [FLINK-23235] - SinkITCase.writerAndCommitterAndGlobalCommitterExecuteInStreamingMode fails on azure
  • [FLINK-23248] - SinkWriter is not closed when failing
  • [FLINK-23259] - [DOCS]The 'window' link on page docs/dev/datastream/operators/overview is failed and 404 is returned
  • [FLINK-23260] - [DOCS]The link on page docs/libs/gelly/overview is failed and 404 is returned
  • [FLINK-23270] - Impove description of Regular Joins section
  • [FLINK-23280] - Python ExplainDetails does not have JSON_EXECUTION_PLAN option
  • [FLINK-23306] - FlinkRelMdUniqueKeys causes exception when used with new Schema
  • [FLINK-23359] - Fix the number of available slots in testResourceCanBeAllocatedForDifferentJobAfterFree
  • [FLINK-23368] - Fix the wrong mapping of state cache in PyFlink
  • [FLINK-23429] - State Processor API failed with FileNotFoundException when working with state files on Cloud Storage

New Feature


  • [FLINK-18182] - Upgrade AWS SDK in flink-connector-kinesis to include new region af-south-1
  • [FLINK-20140] - Add documentation of TableResult.collect for Python Table API
  • [FLINK-21229] - Support ssl connection with schema registry format
  • [FLINK-21393] - Implement ParquetAvroInputFormat
  • [FLINK-21411] - The components on which Flink depends may contain vulnerabilities. If yes, fix them.
  • [FLINK-22528] - Document latency tracking metrics for state accesses
  • [FLINK-22638] - Keep channels blocked on alignment timeout
  • [FLINK-22655] - When using -i <init.sql> option to initialize SQL Client session It should be possible to annotate the script with --
  • [FLINK-22722] - Add Documentation for Kafka New Source
  • [FLINK-22747] - Update commons-io to 2.8
  • [FLINK-22766] - Report metrics of KafkaConsumer in Kafka new source
  • [FLINK-22774] - Update Kinesis SQL connector's Guava to 27.0-jre
  • [FLINK-22855] - Translate the 'Overview of Python API' page into Chinese.
  • [FLINK-22873] - Add ToC to configuration documentation
  • [FLINK-22905] - Fix missing comma in SQL example in "Versioned Table" page
  • [FLINK-22939] - Generalize JDK switch in azure setup
  • [FLINK-22996] - The description about coalesce is wrong
  • [FLINK-23009] - Bump up Guava in Kinesis Connector
  • [FLINK-23052] - cron_snapshot_deployment_maven unstable on maven
  • [FLINK-23138] - Raise an exception if types other than PickledBytesTypeInfo are specified for state descriptor
  • [FLINK-23156] - Change the reference of 'docs/dev/table/sql/queries'
  • [FLINK-23157] - Fix missing comma in SQL example in "Versioned View" page
  • [FLINK-23162] - Create table uses time_ltz in the column name and it's expression which results in exception
  • [FLINK-23168] - Catalog shouldn't merge properties for alter DB operation
  • [FLINK-23178] - Raise an error for writing stream data into partitioned hive tables without a partition committer
  • [FLINK-23200] - Correct grammatical mistakes in 'Table API' page of 'Table API & SQL'
  • [FLINK-23226] - Flink Chinese doc learn-flink/etl transformation.svg display issue
  • [FLINK-23312] - Use -Dfast for building e2e tests on AZP