Apache Flink 1.11.4 Released

August 9, 2021 - Xiaoling He

The Apache Flink community released the next bugfix version of the Apache Flink 1.11 series.

This release includes 78 fixes and minor improvements for Flink 1.11.4. The list below includes a detailed list of all fixes and improvements.

We highly recommend all users to upgrade to Flink 1.11.4.

Updated Maven dependencies:


You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

    Release Notes - Flink - Version 1.11.4


  • [FLINK-21070] - Overloaded aggregate functions cause converter errors
  • [FLINK-21486] - Add sanity check when switching from Rocks to Heap timers


  • [FLINK-15262] - kafka connector doesn't read from beginning immediately when 'connector.startup-mode' = 'earliest-offset'
  • [FLINK-16443] - Fix wrong fix for user-code CheckpointExceptions
  • [FLINK-18438] - TaskManager start failed
  • [FLINK-19369] - BlobClientTest.testGetFailsDuringStreamingForJobPermanentBlob hangs
  • [FLINK-19436] - TPC-DS end-to-end test (Blink planner) failed during shutdown
  • [FLINK-19771] - NullPointerException when accessing null array from postgres in JDBC Connector
  • [FLINK-20288] - Correct documentation about savepoint self-contained
  • [FLINK-20383] - DataSet allround end-to-end test fails with NullPointerException
  • [FLINK-20626] - Canceling a job when it is failing will result in job hanging in CANCELING state
  • [FLINK-20666] - Fix the deserialized Row losing the field_name information in PyFlink
  • [FLINK-20675] - Asynchronous checkpoint failure would not fail the job anymore
  • [FLINK-20680] - Fails to call var-arg function with no parameters
  • [FLINK-20752] - FailureRateRestartBackoffTimeStrategy allows one less restart than configured
  • [FLINK-20793] - Fix NamesTest due to code style refactor
  • [FLINK-20803] - Version mismatch between spotless-maven-plugin and google-java-format plugin
  • [FLINK-20832] - Deliver bootstrap resouces ourselves for website and documentation
  • [FLINK-20841] - Fix compile error due to duplicated generated files
  • [FLINK-20913] - Improve new HiveConf(jobConf, HiveConf.class)
  • [FLINK-20989] - Functions in ExplodeFunctionUtil should handle null data to avoid NPE
  • [FLINK-21008] - Residual HA related Kubernetes ConfigMaps and ZooKeeper nodes when cluster entrypoint received SIGTERM in shutdown
  • [FLINK-21009] - Can not disable certain options in Elasticsearch 7 connector
  • [FLINK-21013] - Blink planner does not ingest timestamp into StreamRecord
  • [FLINK-21028] - Streaming application didn't stop properly
  • [FLINK-21030] - Broken job restart for job with disjoint graph
  • [FLINK-21071] - Snapshot branches running against flink-docker dev-master branch
  • [FLINK-21132] - BoundedOneInput.endInput is called when taking synchronous savepoint
  • [FLINK-21138] - KvStateServerHandler is not invoked with user code classloader
  • [FLINK-21148] - YARNSessionFIFOSecuredITCase cannot connect to BlobServer
  • [FLINK-21208] - pyarrow exception when using window with pandas udaf
  • [FLINK-21213] - e2e test fail with 'As task is already not running, no longer decline checkpoint'
  • [FLINK-21215] - Checkpoint was declined because one input stream is finished
  • [FLINK-21216] - StreamPandasConversionTests Fails
  • [FLINK-21274] - At per-job mode, during the exit of the JobManager process, if ioExecutor exits at the end, the System.exit() method will not be executed.
  • [FLINK-21289] - Application mode ignores the pipeline.classpaths configuration
  • [FLINK-21312] - SavepointITCase.testStopSavepointWithBoundedInputConcurrently is unstable
  • [FLINK-21323] - Stop-with-savepoint is not supported by SourceOperatorStreamTask
  • [FLINK-21453] - BoundedOneInput.endInput is NOT called when doing stop with savepoint WITH drain
  • [FLINK-21497] - JobLeaderIdService completes leader future despite no leader being elected
  • [FLINK-21550] - ZooKeeperHaServicesTest.testSimpleClose fail
  • [FLINK-21606] - TaskManager connected to invalid JobManager leading to TaskSubmissionException
  • [FLINK-21609] - SimpleRecoveryITCaseBase.testRestartMultipleTimes fails on azure
  • [FLINK-21654] - YARNSessionCapacitySchedulerITCase.testStartYarnSessionClusterInQaTeamQueue fail because of NullPointerException
  • [FLINK-21725] - DataTypeExtractor extracts wrong fields ordering for Tuple12
  • [FLINK-21753] - Cycle references between memory manager and gc cleaner action
  • [FLINK-21980] - ZooKeeperRunningJobsRegistry creates an empty znode
  • [FLINK-21986] - taskmanager native memory not release timely after restart
  • [FLINK-22081] - Entropy key not resolved if flink-s3-fs-hadoop is added as a plugin
  • [FLINK-22109] - Misleading exception message if the number of arguments of a nested function is incorrect
  • [FLINK-22184] - Rest client shutdown on failure runs in netty thread
  • [FLINK-22424] - Writing to already released buffers potentially causing data corruption during job failover/cancellation
  • [FLINK-22489] - subtask backpressure indicator shows value for entire job
  • [FLINK-22597] - JobMaster cannot be restarted
  • [FLINK-22815] - Disable unaligned checkpoints for broadcast partitioning
  • [FLINK-22946] - Network buffer deadlock introduced by unaligned checkpoint
  • [FLINK-23164] - JobMasterTest.testMultipleStartsWork unstable on azure
  • [FLINK-23166] - ZipUtils doesn't handle properly for softlinks inside the zip file


  • [FLINK-9844] - PackagedProgram does not close URLClassLoader
  • [FLINK-18182] - Upgrade AWS SDK in flink-connector-kinesis to include new region af-south-1
  • [FLINK-19415] - Move Hive document to "Table & SQL Connectors" from "Table API & SQL"
  • [FLINK-20651] - Use Spotless/google-java-format for code formatting/enforcement
  • [FLINK-20770] - Incorrect description for config option kubernetes.rest-service.exposed.type
  • [FLINK-20790] - Generated classes should not be put under src/ directory
  • [FLINK-20792] - Allow shorthand invocation of spotless
  • [FLINK-20805] - Blink runtime classes partially ignored by spotless
  • [FLINK-20866] - Add how to list jobs in Yarn deployment documentation when HA enabled
  • [FLINK-20906] - Update copyright year to 2021 for NOTICE files
  • [FLINK-21020] - Bump Jackson to 2.10.5[.1] / 2.12.1
  • [FLINK-21123] - Upgrade Beanutils 1.9.x to 1.9.4
  • [FLINK-21164] - Jar handlers don't cleanup temporarily extracted jars
  • [FLINK-21210] - ApplicationClusterEntryPoints should explicitly close PackagedProgram
  • [FLINK-21411] - The components on which Flink depends may contain vulnerabilities. If yes, fix them.
  • [FLINK-21735] - Harden JobMaster#updateTaskExecutionState()
  • [FLINK-22142] - Remove console logging for Kafka connector for AZP runs
  • [FLINK-22208] - Bump snappy-java to 1.1.5+
  • [FLINK-22470] - The root cause of the exception encountered during compiling the job was not exposed to users in certain cases
  • [FLINK-23312] - Use -Dfast for building e2e tests on AZP