Apache Flink 1.13.6 Release Announcement

February 18, 2022 - Konstantin Knauf (@snntrable)

The Apache Flink Community is pleased to announce another bug fix release for Flink 1.13.

This release includes 99 bug and vulnerability fixes and minor improvements for Flink 1.13 including another upgrade of Apache Log4j (to 2.17.1). Below you will find a list of all bugfixes and improvements (excluding improvements to the build infrastructure and build stability). For a complete list of all changes see: JIRA.

We highly recommend all users to upgrade to Flink 1.13.6.

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Binaries #

You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

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Release Notes #


  • [FLINK-15987] - SELECT 1.0e0 / 0.0e0 throws NumberFormatException
  • [FLINK-17914] - HistoryServer deletes cached archives if archive listing fails
  • [FLINK-20195] - Jobs endpoint returns duplicated jobs
  • [FLINK-20370] - Result is wrong when sink primary key is not the same with query
  • [FLINK-21289] - Application mode ignores the pipeline.classpaths configuration
  • [FLINK-23919] - PullUpWindowTableFunctionIntoWindowAggregateRule generates invalid Calc for Window TVF
  • [FLINK-24232] - Archiving of suspended jobs prevents breaks subsequent archive attempts
  • [FLINK-24255] - Test Environment / Mini Cluster do not forward configuration.
  • [FLINK-24310] - A bug in the BufferingSink example in the doc
  • [FLINK-24318] - Casting a number to boolean has different results between 'select' fields and 'where' condition
  • [FLINK-24334] - Configuration kubernetes.flink.log.dir not working
  • [FLINK-24366] - Unnecessary/misleading error message about failing restores when tasks are already canceled.
  • [FLINK-24401] - TM cannot exit after Metaspace OOM
  • [FLINK-24465] - Wrong javadoc and documentation for buffer timeout
  • [FLINK-24492] - incorrect implicit type conversion between numeric and (var)char
  • [FLINK-24506] - checkpoint directory is not configurable through the Flink configuration passed into the StreamExecutionEnvironment
  • [FLINK-24509] - FlinkKafkaProducer example is not compiling due to incorrect constructer signature used
  • [FLINK-24540] - Fix Resource leak due to Files.list
  • [FLINK-24543] - Zookeeper connection issue causes inconsistent state in Flink
  • [FLINK-24563] - Comparing timstamp_ltz with random string throws NullPointerException
  • [FLINK-24597] - RocksdbStateBackend getKeysAndNamespaces would return duplicate data when using MapState
  • [FLINK-24621] - JobManager fails to recover 1.13.1 checkpoint due to InflightDataRescalingDescriptor
  • [FLINK-24662] - PyFlink sphinx check failed with "node class 'meta' is already registered, its visitors will be overridden"
  • [FLINK-24667] - Channel state writer would fail the task directly if meeting exception previously
  • [FLINK-24676] - Schema does not match if explain insert statement with partial column
  • [FLINK-24678] - Correct the metric name of map state contains latency
  • [FLINK-24708] - `ConvertToNotInOrInRule` has a bug which leads to wrong result
  • [FLINK-24728] - Batch SQL file sink forgets to close the output stream
  • [FLINK-24761] - Fix PartitionPruner code gen compile fail
  • [FLINK-24846] - AsyncWaitOperator fails during stop-with-savepoint
  • [FLINK-24860] - Fix the wrong position mappings in the Python UDTF
  • [FLINK-24885] - ProcessElement Interface parameter Collector : java.lang.NullPointerException
  • [FLINK-24922] - Fix spelling errors in the word "parallism"
  • [FLINK-25022] - ClassLoader leak with ThreadLocals on the JM when submitting a job through the REST API
  • [FLINK-25067] - Correct the description of RocksDB's background threads
  • [FLINK-25084] - Field names must be unique. Found duplicates
  • [FLINK-25091] - Official website document FileSink orc compression attribute reference error
  • [FLINK-25096] - Issue in exceptions API(/jobs/:jobid/exceptions) in flink 1.13.2
  • [FLINK-25199] - StreamEdges are not unique in self-union, which blocks propagation of watermarks
  • [FLINK-25362] - Incorrect dependencies in Table Confluent/Avro docs
  • [FLINK-25468] - Local recovery fails if local state storage and RocksDB working directory are not on the same volume
  • [FLINK-25486] - Perjob can not recover from checkpoint when zookeeper leader changes
  • [FLINK-25494] - Duplicate element serializer during DefaultOperatorStateBackendSnapshotStrategy#syncPrepareResources
  • [FLINK-25513] - CoFlatMapFunction requires both two flat_maps to yield something
  • [FLINK-25559] - SQL JOIN causes data loss
  • [FLINK-25683] - wrong result if table transfrom to DataStream then window process in batch mode
  • [FLINK-25728] - Potential memory leaks in StreamMultipleInputProcessor
  • [FLINK-25732] - Dispatcher#requestMultipleJobDetails returns non-serialiable collection


  • [FLINK-21407] - Clarify which sources and APIs support which formats
  • [FLINK-20443] - ContinuousProcessingTimeTrigger doesn't fire at the end of the window
  • [FLINK-21467] - Document possible recommended usage of Bounded{One/Multi}Input.endInput and emphasize that they could be called multiple times
  • [FLINK-23842] - Add log messages for reader registrations and split requests.
  • [FLINK-24631] - Avoiding directly use the labels as selector for deployment and service
  • [FLINK-24739] - State requirements for Flink's application mode in the documentation
  • [FLINK-24987] - Enhance ExternalizedCheckpointCleanup enum
  • [FLINK-25160] - Make doc clear: tolerable-failed-checkpoints counts consecutive failures
  • [FLINK-25415] - implement retrial on connections to Cassandra container
  • [FLINK-25611] - Remove CoordinatorExecutorThreadFactory thread creation guards
  • [FLINK-25818] - Add explanation how Kafka Source deals with idleness when parallelism is higher then the number of partitions

Technical Debt

  • [FLINK-24740] - Update testcontainers dependency to v1.16.2
  • [FLINK-24796] - Exclude javadocs / node[_modules] directories from CI compile artifact
  • [FLINK-25472] - Update to Log4j 2.17.1
  • [FLINK-25375] - Update Log4j to 2.17.0
  • [FLINK-25576] - Update com.h2database:h2 to 2.0.206