Apache Flink 1.14.6 Release Announcement

September 28, 2022 - Xingbo Huang

The Apache Flink Community is pleased to announce another bug fix release for Flink 1.14.

This release includes 34 bug fixes, vulnerability fixes and minor improvements for Flink 1.14. Below you will find a list of all bugfixes and improvements (excluding improvements to the build infrastructure and build stability). For a complete list of all changes see: JIRA.

We highly recommend all users to upgrade to Flink 1.14.6.

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Binaries #

You can find the binaries on the updated Downloads page.

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Release Notes #


  • [FLINK-24862] - The user-defined hive udaf/udtf cannot be used normally in hive dialect
  • [FLINK-25454] - Negative time in throughput calculator
  • [FLINK-27041] - KafkaSource in batch mode failing if any topic partition is empty
  • [FLINK-27399] - Pulsar connector didn't set start consuming position correctly
  • [FLINK-27418] - Flink SQL TopN result is wrong
  • [FLINK-27683] - Insert into (column1, column2) Values(.....) fails with SQL hints
  • [FLINK-27762] - Kafka WakeupException during handling splits changes
  • [FLINK-28019] - Error in RetractableTopNFunction when retracting a stale record with state ttl enabled
  • [FLINK-28057] - LD_PRELOAD is hardcoded to x64 on flink-docker
  • [FLINK-28357] - Watermark issue when recovering Finished sources
  • [FLINK-28454] - Fix the wrong timestamp example of KafkaSource
  • [FLINK-28609] - Flink-Pulsar connector fails on larger schemas
  • [FLINK-28880] - Fix CEP doc with wrong result of strict contiguity of looping patterns
  • [FLINK-28908] - Coder for LIST type is incorrectly chosen is PyFlink
  • [FLINK-28978] - Kinesis connector doesn't work for new AWS regions
  • [FLINK-29130] - Correct the doc description of state.backend.local-recovery
  • [FLINK-29138] - Project pushdown not work for lookup source


  • [FLINK-27865] - Add guide and example for configuring SASL and SSL in Kafka SQL connector document
  • [FLINK-28094] - Upgrade AWS SDK to support ap-southeast-3